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For Reservations or Inquiries needing immediate response, please call us at (508) 699.7600

119 Washington Street (Rte. 1), Plainville MA 02762 (508) 699.7600

We are located on Route 1 in Plainville, MA on Turnpike Lake (what a great name for a lake).  Please note that we are closed on Monday and Tuesday and we do not have anyone staffed to answer calls on those days.

Nightly Specials are posted on the site here by 4pm each day.

check this out Reservations: are taken for parties of 6 or more and can be made in advance of your dining date for our dining room, we are not able to reserve tables in our lounge and they are all available on a first come first serve basis.

Call Ahead Seating: is a great alternative to help minimize your wait time if your party is smaller than 6.  How does it work; please click for source

  1. Call the Restaurant (508) 699.7600 after 4:30pm on the night that you would like to dine (don’t worry, our wait doesn’t get started until typically after 5:00pm)
  2. Ask to be placed on our “call ahead seating list” for the time that you would like to be seated
  3. Please arrive about 30 minutes prior to your desired seating time.
  4. We will do everything we can to get you seated within 30 minutes of your arrival / requested time.


Reservations vs. Call Ahead Seating FAQ: please click for source

Q. If I have a party of 5 can I make a reservation?
A. No, reservations are available for parties of 6 or more.

Q. If I make a reservation for 8 people at 7pm, how long will I have to wait when I arrive?
A. With a Reservation we do our best to have your table ready for your requested time, ideally a 7pm reservation would be ready @ 6:59 🙂 .  Occasionally we have guests that stay longer than anticipated and this can create delays but we are usually quite good on time.

Q. I called and made a reservation for 2 people at 6:30 and it is now 6:50 and my table still isn’t ready… whats going on?
A. For parties less than 6 when a table time is requested it is a “Call Ahead Seating” request and those parties are seated within 30 minutes of your requested time.

Q. I’m out for a night on the town as a party of 4, how can I be sure that I will be seated for dinner at 7pm.
A. While there are no guarantee’s in life, planning ahead can help.  Give us a call at 4:30 on the night you would like to come in and put your name on the “Call Ahead Seating” list.  Arrive and Checkin with the host before 6:30pm and relax in the lounge for a drink, we will have your table ready for 7pm or close to it….  maybe even early.  Please don’t be mad if we’re early.  🙂  

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