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WoodStone Oven Pizza

Tavern Pizza Menu - 3:15:16

learn more here our dough is made fresh daily using Caputo 00 flour imported from Italy, all natural spring water and 100% extra virgin olive oil then hand stretched and topped as you please.

our sauce is made with Saporito Filetto Di Pomodoro tomatoes from California for the traditional style of the Old Country with fresh herbs.

just click for source our cheeses are Grande Mozzarella on the pies then topped with Grana Padano out of the oven.  

read more the Basicdough, sauce & cheese 14

continue reading SalsicciaNorth Country, “made in NH” smoked chicken apple sausage tops our basic pie 15

learn more here Eileen’s Favoriteour spin on the margherita w/ Belgio mozzarella & fresh basil 15

Kev’sbasic pie topped with nitrate free Applegate farms pepperoni 17

Stevo’sApplegate farms pepperoni, caramelized onion, sautéed red and green pepper tops the basic 18

Little D’s house made Italian meatballs, herb ricotta cheese atop the basic pie 17

Kevin T’sGorgonzola cream sauce, fresh cooked boneless Buffalo chicken, Bermuda onion 17

Dexter’s Italian sausage, onion, green pepper all on top of the basic 17


add to your pie
onions, green pepper, red peppers, eggplant or mushrooms 1.50
artichokes or spinach 2.00
Gorgonzola, Grande, pepperoni, chicken sausage, pepperoni or proscuitto 3.00

A few notes about the pie’s;

Our intention is to build our pie’s with the very best ingredients available from across the globe. This is not your average bar pizza. The pizza is prepared and cooked in a separate kitchen from our dinners and timing may vary from that of any entree’s ordered. Multiple Pizza’s orderd for one party may arrive in a staggered order as to ensure freshness upon arrival to your table. Enjoy!